Friday, September 2, 2011

first day of stims

i can't believe we are finally here.... 2 months of bcp could make any girl go crazy. i thought we would never get here, but, here we are.....bravelle was this afternoon, after i got home from dr. d's. menopur is happening right after i post this. (not looking forward to the burn).

we are doing 300iu Bravelle and 225iu Menopur to start.

ultrasound was all clear.....i just wish i would stop AF bleeding already.

now that hubs has popped his injection cherry (PiO from our last cycle was the first time he gave me a shot) he is all about the shots....i however am not at all interested in him giving me a shot in the belly. i am happy to do it myself :)


  1. Woo hoo for getting things underway! Good luck!

  2. Hooray!!! So excited for you! I hope your ovaries rock it out & produce multiple healthy eggs!
    I cannot believe you would rather do your own shots, brave, brave girl!

  3. YES! Time to get this party started :) Good luck and positive thoughts sent your way :)

  4. As my husband jammed the needle into my belly this morning I thought of you! I hope everything is still going well!

  5. YAY! The day has finally come and the show is on the road... I can't wait to hear how the next couple of weeks go. I know it will be successful :)

    XOXO and thinking of you!!

  6. Good Luck! I always preferred stims to PIO. My DH got better with each PIO but I was happy my last cycle when my clinic switched to suppositories over PIO.