Friday, September 9, 2011

so bloated

really. just. so. bloated.
every time i unzip my pants i feel better. every time i pee, it feels like there is a battle going on inside. a battle between my ovaries and my bladder. my bladder is winning though :-) i just keep drinking.....lots of water

back to dr. d this morning.
lining : 10
right ovary: still one's at 21
left ovary: they counted 12 follies ths morning! 21,19,18,16,16,15 plus a few smaller.

dr. d wanted to wait and see what my bloodwork looked like before making a decision about when to trigger. so they gave me instructions for plan a, and plan b. as it's friday, they covered all the bases.

plan a: trigger tonight, retrieval sunday morning.
plan b: trigger saturday night, retrieval monday morning.

i was a little stressed about the thought of triggering tonight.....with only 4 follies big enough, it made me kind of sad. waiting one exrta day for the 16's to catch up would make me so much more happy. i took the long way home.....i was going to drive along the beach (always calms me down) on my drive home the follies started another battle against the bladder. i had to detour off the beach and haul ass home.

it felt like the afternoon took forever, but finally they called.
plan b!!! YAY!!
E2: 1325 P4: stayed about the same....yesterday it was someting like .38
they split up my menopur for today.....4 vials at 2:30 and another 4 vials later tonight.
i did the ganirelix early this morning.

we go back tomorrow morning for one more check, and it looks like trigger will be at 8:30 tomorrow evening. i'm wicked excited to give myself a trigger shot in the middle of saturday night rush (have to work tomorrow night). that's gonna be pretty interesting. there is nothing more gross to me than a restaurant bathroom.....ew yuck.... it's totally worth it though...


  1. It will be totally worth it! And, just had to say that I am SUPER bloated right now too. I feel like I should be wearing a sheet or something because that is all that would feel comfortable!

  2. Yay for plan B! :) Yeah, ew, to restaurant bathrooms...but we gotta do what we gotta do! :) Your a chef right? So you probably cant wear a dress with comfy leggings huh (to ease the bloating)?

  3. Whoo hoo plan B!!! Can't wait to read about the retrieval!

  4. Hooray for more time for those eggs to ripen! Restaurant bathroom, yikes, I'm sorry. Take good care of yourself & keep those pants unbuttoned!!

  5. When we did our fresh cycle in November, DH and I visited some friends in the Smoky Mountains. I had to give myself an injection of Follistim in an amusement park restroom, as we had gone to check out the Christmas festival. Oh, the things we'll do! Best of luck to you!

  6. so glad to hear this. sending tons of luck and love your way...

  7. I'm so excited for you! Hoping that the shot is uneventful!

  8. PS, my word to prove that I was human was Kildet.

    As in, your ovaries really kildet this time. Way to make follicles!