Thursday, May 24, 2012

detox day 1

i started seeing a new acupuncturist about a month ago..... she (and my last acupuncturist) suggested i do a "cleanse" or "detox". because of all the toxins my body has been subjected to over the last 32 years. so, i spoke to hubs, got him on board and agreed to it. i didn't ask too many questions and i didn't wait to long. i thought it would be better to just jump right into it.....
so. here we go.

this morning i was set up with a whole bunch of appointments. first, dh and i met with the nutritionist who works out of my acupuncturists office. she laid out the guidelines, told us how the detox works, and took some crazy biometric reading with electrodes.
the results of the biometric scan...... we are not the healthiest people ever.... but we are not the unhealthiest (is that a word) people.
here is the gist....gluten free, soy free, sugar free, dairy free, caffine free, alcohol free, and then there are funny things..... like no corn or corn products, only chicken, turkey, lamb, wild game, and fish.
i am required to eat protien at every meal. and 4-6 cups of leafy greens every day. also the detox includes a package of vitamins twice a day and a protien like shake once a day.

after the nutritionist meeting i had an acupuncture treatment. and after that i soaked my feet in a detoxifiying foot bath..... that was some nasty shit. the water just filled up with gunk.

when i left the office i was truly overwhelmed. i went home and cleaned out my fridge and cabinets. i got rid of most temptations....or wrapped them up so they wont be opened until the detox is over.
i also did a little grocery shopping as the cabinets and fridge were basically empty. i was kind of freaking out.
it got better as the day went on.

i have decided to write down what i am eating on here..... mostly for myself. so i have accountablity and dont cheat.

breakfast: an apple, pineapple, and watermelon
vitamin pack around 10:15
snack: protien shake
lunch/dinner: ( ate at 4pm) 2 baked boneless skinless chicken thighs, large mixed greens salad with tomato, cucumber, and bell pepper, tossed with balsamic vinegar and olive oil, and large baked sweet potato with sea salt
vitamin pack around 6pm
snack: banana
another snack: puffed rice cereal with rice milk, blueberries and agave nectar.(yum, yum, yum)

symptoms: funny feeling in throat most of the day (sore, difficulty swallowing) mild headache most of the evening and feeling tired. sore neck around 10pm.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

no stone left unturned

thats the plan.

thats what we decided after my wtf appt in march. no stone left unturned....

so, i was terrified before our wtf appt that dr. d. was going to say it was time to move on. i was so scared he was going to suggest donor eggs and giving up on my body. but, he didnt.

i. was. shocked.

so we went through my chart. we talked about all of it. including hubs and my thoughts of looking for a new doctor. we laid it all out on the table and dr d said what i needed to hear. he told me he was committed to us. and was willing to do whatever it takes to get us a take home baby.

he made a few suggestions, and after talking for a while we came up with a plan.

no stone left unturned.

i have had every test under the sun. (including all immunological tests)

hubs has also had testing done.... i mean its not that much, but SA continues to be rock star like and recently we did a DNA fragmentation test. which came back normal.

i have completed part one of a two part physical with my GP. just waiting on bloodwork to come back.

and i have started going back to acupuncture. a new acupuncturist. who i love. the next month with my acupuncturist will be pretty intense. 28 day elimination diet, meetings with a nutritionist, weekly b-12 injections, weekly footbaths, and biweekly acupuncture treatments. i think she heard me when i said "no stone left unturned".

i am also planning to speak to at least one other clinic. maybe two.
at my wtf i told dr d that i like him, and i like his clinic, but i had concerns about what else we could be doing..... he suggested i speak to other doctors, and if they make suggestions that he had not thought of..... he would without a doubt consider their ideas.

so i am thinking about a consult with dr. sher. its free..... there is nothing to loose.
and a consult with one other clinic that is somewhat local.

can you think of a stone, rock, or boulder that i have not thought of??? what do you think of my ideas??

p.s. please forgive any crazy type-o's or strange ramblings. i havent blogged in so long and this new blogger format has totally messed me up.

Monday, May 21, 2012

iclw may 2012

welcome iclw'ers!!

thanks for stopping by.

and to all my old blog friends...."hi". thanks to those who have checked in on me. and sent me your kind words..... im ok. trying to be ok.

so....for those who are here for the first time. here is some history.....that was my iclw welcome from november.

since then i have had yet another failed ivf cycle. a chemical. in february.

it rocked me. to. the. core.

i think this is my fourth blog post since then. i just needed a break. for a while i stopped blogging all together. not even reading any blogs. a couple weeks ago, i started to follow along. amazed at all the things that can change in 6 weeks. while i continue to feel like i am standing still.

i signed up for this months iclw in an attempt to find a few new blogs..... all my bloggy friends keep getting knocked up. and while i am truly happy for all these ladies i am still stuck in the struggle. and i need some support. support for an upcoming cycle, and also, starting thursday, support for a 28 day elimination/detox that my acupuncturist has prescribed.

gluten free/dairy free/sugar free/alcohol free/caffeine free.

i am determined..... but this is going to be wicked hard for me. hubs is going to join me on this cleanse.... but if you have some words of wisdom.... any support is appreciated.

i look forward to finding a few new bloggy friends this week..... happy iclw..

p.s. this new blogger format SUCKS!