Tuesday, May 22, 2012

no stone left unturned

thats the plan.

thats what we decided after my wtf appt in march. no stone left unturned....

so, i was terrified before our wtf appt that dr. d. was going to say it was time to move on. i was so scared he was going to suggest donor eggs and giving up on my body. but, he didnt.

i. was. shocked.

so we went through my chart. we talked about all of it. including hubs and my thoughts of looking for a new doctor. we laid it all out on the table and dr d said what i needed to hear. he told me he was committed to us. and was willing to do whatever it takes to get us a take home baby.

he made a few suggestions, and after talking for a while we came up with a plan.

no stone left unturned.

i have had every test under the sun. (including all immunological tests)

hubs has also had testing done.... i mean its not that much, but SA continues to be rock star like and recently we did a DNA fragmentation test. which came back normal.

i have completed part one of a two part physical with my GP. just waiting on bloodwork to come back.

and i have started going back to acupuncture. a new acupuncturist. who i love. the next month with my acupuncturist will be pretty intense. 28 day elimination diet, meetings with a nutritionist, weekly b-12 injections, weekly footbaths, and biweekly acupuncture treatments. i think she heard me when i said "no stone left unturned".

i am also planning to speak to at least one other clinic. maybe two.
at my wtf i told dr d that i like him, and i like his clinic, but i had concerns about what else we could be doing..... he suggested i speak to other doctors, and if they make suggestions that he had not thought of..... he would without a doubt consider their ideas.

so i am thinking about a consult with dr. sher. its free..... there is nothing to loose.
and a consult with one other clinic that is somewhat local.

can you think of a stone, rock, or boulder that i have not thought of??? what do you think of my ideas??

p.s. please forgive any crazy type-o's or strange ramblings. i havent blogged in so long and this new blogger format has totally messed me up.


  1. I think it's a good thing to talk to the other Doctors to get all things considered properly. It's also great that your current Doc is open with you about considering any other suggestions. You've definitely been through a lot! I'm only new to the IVF world, so I'm sorry but I don't have any more ideas on what other stones you could overturn.

  2. I think it sounds like you're doing all you can. Talking to other doctors is definitely a good idea. I switched doctors for this cycle. Not just because the success rates at my clinic are ridiculously higher than my last clinic but also because I needed a doctor who was going to listen to me and understand that I know my body, just like they know their science. I think your seeing other doctors is a good idea. Can't hurt. Sounds like you're doing all the testing and all the natural treatments like acupuncture and supplements. I'm not sure there is much else that you can do.

  3. I think getting second opinions is really good, they may give some ideas your Dr hadn't htought of, or just give you the reassurance that your Dr. is really doing everything out there. You have had a tough run for sure. I am glad that your Dr. has faith in you. Have you been checked for the killer t-cells or MTHFR? I see lots of people with those who seem to figure it out and then get a baby once they start treating that. Good luck. I really hope you get your miracle babe soon, you have come So. Damn. Close.

  4. I think you're smart for looking into a 2nd opinion. I think it will help you feel like you're covering all your bases, and who knows, maybe a 2nd Dr. will find some glaringly obvious problem that your current Dr. has overlooked. You never know! I really like your "no stone left unturned" approach, I have a feeling something of the sort will be in our future soon too. Good luck!

  5. We consulted with Dr. Sher about 2 weeks ago and are currently awaiting the test results from the blood work he ordered for me. So far I love the clinic, they're extremely helpful. The lab he orders everything through has been so kind and held my hand through everything. I say go for it! Good luck! :)

  6. SO good to have you back :)
    Yes, I am echoing others, getting a second opinion is a very wise choice. I can't think of anything else. Keep us posted.

  7. Welcome back!
    I love "no stone left unturned" - sounds like a great motto. You are doing all of the right things! Keep us posted on if you get a second opinion!

  8. I think your plan sounds really good, very thought out. I hope it proves to have something good come out of it!