Monday, May 21, 2012

iclw may 2012

welcome iclw'ers!!

thanks for stopping by.

and to all my old blog friends...."hi". thanks to those who have checked in on me. and sent me your kind words..... im ok. trying to be ok.

so....for those who are here for the first time. here is some history.....that was my iclw welcome from november.

since then i have had yet another failed ivf cycle. a chemical. in february.

it rocked me. to. the. core.

i think this is my fourth blog post since then. i just needed a break. for a while i stopped blogging all together. not even reading any blogs. a couple weeks ago, i started to follow along. amazed at all the things that can change in 6 weeks. while i continue to feel like i am standing still.

i signed up for this months iclw in an attempt to find a few new blogs..... all my bloggy friends keep getting knocked up. and while i am truly happy for all these ladies i am still stuck in the struggle. and i need some support. support for an upcoming cycle, and also, starting thursday, support for a 28 day elimination/detox that my acupuncturist has prescribed.

gluten free/dairy free/sugar free/alcohol free/caffeine free.

i am determined..... but this is going to be wicked hard for me. hubs is going to join me on this cleanse.... but if you have some words of wisdom.... any support is appreciated.

i look forward to finding a few new bloggy friends this week..... happy iclw..

p.s. this new blogger format SUCKS!


  1. Hi there - I'm not officially participating in ICLW, but thought I'd de-lurk and say hello. I'm in a similar place - staring down IVF#4 after a break, watching most of my blog friends transition to pregnant or parenting. I'm also just about to start a cleanse too -- it's daunting, but I keep telling myself that it's for a good cause! I need to get back into my blogging, but if you need support - keep in touch!

  2. Oooof that sounds like a tough cleanse! Currently we are both off of caffeine & alcohol and I've drastically reduced my sugar intake. But gluten and dairy would be tough for me! I wish you the best of luck with the cleanse! =)

  3. I'm still barren! :) I'm hoping to find some new people to follow this go around too. You are so brave with the detox! I don't think I could do it!

  4. Just wanted to offer my support regarding the detox...I am all of those things except dairy free, though it is very limited. For me, sugar free is the one ever makes sugar free desserts! But there are tons of really good gluten free products out there, and I have made a permanent switch to almond milk. If you have any questions let me know, but your body will thank you for it! Good luck!

  5. Holy smokes, that is a lot of "free" dieting! You will do great...and it will be worth it in the end!

  6. Hello from ICLW! So happy to have found your blog. Oh my goodness. What a journey you have been on. It just breaks my heart. I am so sorry. I can't imagine going through as much as you have. I hope and pray that this detox will be just the thing...though I am with you. This would be SOOO tough for me! Take care!

  7. Hoping that your new diet will work well for you. I agree the new blogger format does suck.

  8. Hello from ICLW. I'm sorry your most recent IVF didn't work out. So very sorry. As for that cleanse, Sunny at Cease and DeCyst did a 28 day elimination diet, and may still be following the rules. Good luck!

  9. Hey from ICLW! Welcome back to the bloggy world!! I am still relatively new myself. Good luck on the cleanse, that sounds impressive!

  10. Hi from ICLW. I related to so many of the things you mention in your post. I will definitey be following your blog.

  11. Hi from ICLW. I know what you mean about so much in the bloggy world changing while you seem to be standing still. It sounds like you've been through a lot, and you're still going. That takes a lot of strength. Good luck with the cleanse!