Wednesday, June 6, 2012

detox/elimination day 14

i can't even believe i have made it 14 days!! 2 weeks seems so long, but the time has just flown by. so far the program has been very easy. i am shocked by so many things....
1. i have not cheated. not even when my 2 year old nephew tried to force me to eat his chocolate chip cookie (he is the best at sharing)
2. i have not freaked out once.... i am the type who gets a craving and thinks about that craving until it is satisfied.
3. i am feeling so so good. better than i had hoped. even AF was easy this month.

so, i've got 14 more days to go. last day of the detox is june 20th. and starting june 22, hubs and i are on vacation!!!! 10 days of no work!!! halleluah! well deserved.

on the baby making front.... i have finally set up some appointments. i have set up 2 second opinions. one with the local baby making factory, and one with a well known doctor out of las vegas who does free consultations. first up, on june 20th, the local baby factory. the doctor i am seeing is the medical director of a large group of RE's, and is very well respected by baby making professionals in south flor.ida, so it should be interesting.
and next, on june 22, a video conference with the doc in las vegas. this doc also seems to be well respected and knowledgable and well versed in reproductive immunology.

i am super anxious to see what both doctors have to say.

i have also scheduled an appointment with dr d..... for june 29th. he is on vacation for the month of july.... so i wanted to get in before he goes away. and maybe start bcp. so if i want to get started with another cycle in august we will be good to go.

so much going on..... its crazy. the break was definitely good for me. but now i am ready.... i just need to figure out what we are doing.