Saturday, January 28, 2012


today is 4dp3dt. i am still preggo. nothing major to report....but here are random thoughts in bullet points..

- major cramping the first couple days after transfer. it made me kind of nervous, and kind of excited.

- i have been off work since last friday. really nice, as my job sucks

- i spent tuesday(day of transfer) and wednesday in bed. with dear hubs waiting on me hand a foot. it was nice. he is great.
during my bedrest i watched a rediculous amount of movies....
*crazy, stupid love.... a new favorite. partially because ryan gosling is so damn sexy
*morning was ok...not amazing
*bad teacher..... the funniest part of the movie was watching cameron diaz trying to light a bong with her stove....i laughed for a while after that :-) hahaha
*moneyball....good. very good.
*the ides of march..... feeding into my love of ryan gosling was ok.
*bridesmaids..... this was my seond attempt at watching bridesmaids. the first time i fell asleep.... didn't love it. i now understand why i slept through it the first time. and strange because i feel like EVERYONE loved that movie.
there may have been more ..... thats what i remember.

- i have started to feel the effects of the progestrone. sore nipples. metal taste in mouth. tired. crazy. thirsty. and for some reason when i am on progestrone, i tend to feel sorry for sucks.

- the other day i hung out with bff and her little man....(he is 2 and the love of my life). several times he wanted me to pick him up, or hold him, or snuggle with him.....i was so sad i couldn't just pick him up and hug him and squeeze him.....but it will be so awesome when has a little cousin(s) to play with

- hubs and i went to the keys yesterday.... it was nice. a change on scenery. we laid by the hotel pool, fished, ate stone crabs, and stared at the ocean. very nice. i think i needed the little getaway....

-yesterday and today are the days that my embabies should be burrowing in for the long haul. i have been thinking about them constantly and praying they stick around. please please please.

-tomorrow is my last day off before i have to go back to work. maybe i can convince hubs to go to the beach for a little bit...

- i have some new followers....thanks for joining.... and thanks so everyone for all your kind words and encouragment..... it means more than you could know


  1. Cramping is GOOD! :) Well for me it was anyways, I remembering cramping so much after transfer and freaking out but it turned out to be a good thing! :) Heyyy how did you get Moneyball already??! Its still in the theatres? A bootleg copy?

  2. I agree that cramping is a good sign!! I had a day of constant cramping a few days after the transfer - it turned out to be implantation! Sending lots of positive thoughts your way.

  3. Sounds like you had a great past few days!

  4. The cramping could be implantation, definitely a good sign. Didn't realize you were in FL too. Crossing my fingers for you and sending sticky vibes your way.

    1. I watched "Crazy, Stupid Love" four times on my flights to and from the US for Christmas. I agree about Ryan Gosling, and he's nowhere near my type!

  5. Sounds like you found a good way to spend the first part of the two-week-wait :-)
    Fingers crossed for your embabies (at least one of them) to burrow in nice and good!

  6. I feel like your 2ww is comparable to a really great book- I can't *wait* to see what happens next! Over here rooting for you. Pompoms and all.

  7. Just a day behind you myself being 3dp3dt. I wasn't able to stay in bed for the 48 hours that they recommend staying off your feet as much as possible. Back pain made that difficult. But each clinic has their own instructions too. Mine said if I had a sedentary job I could go back to it right after the transfer and that I could have a bath or shower with no restrictions and sex too. Seriously though, sex after that is just about impossible, well at least for me due to the pain.

    Good luck. Our symptoms are about the same too. But I don't have the metal taste this time around...yet. Hated it last time.

  8. Eek! It sounds good, sister! Stick, babies, stick!

  9. Everything sounds good!

    My clinic never had me do bed rest or any other sort of rest after a transfer (although, fresh IVF was different, because I was in pain). They just said no strenuous exercise for a while and keep it calm the first day or so. Usually I was back at work (desk job) right afterward.

    I've never had metal taste in my mouth. I don't envy that, but I sure hope it is a good sign.

  10. You are doing everything right. The rest is up to the powers that be.

    Your time in the Keys sounds divine!

  11. I hope going back to work wasn't too painful. Your photo from the Keys looked amazing.

    Good luck mama!!