Wednesday, January 18, 2012

etsy dreams.... and an update

i have been dreaming of these slippers for a while. i have the picture saved on my ipad... i look at them often. they look so perfect in the picture. i think i am a little afriad to order them. afraid they will not live up to my expectations. afraid they won't be as perfect as i imagine them to be.
but aren't they adorable!!!

now, for the update...

lining: 7.5 triple layer. (thank goodness)

left side: 19, 15, 13, 12
right side: 18, 17, 17, 15, 12

E2 in the 600's ....didn't get an exact number

moving right along.

ivf nurse said i definitely won't make it to monday. retrieval will be saturday or sunday. i am thinking probably sunday.(and hoping for sunday... more time for follies to grow and mature) but we go back tomorrow and i am sure we will know better after that ultrasound.

i am feeling pretty good.....the bloat has started to become real. but it is not terrible at all. and i am feeling super happy and excited.

a crazy question....and probably TMI..but i would love your opinions....
do you think 2.5 days is enough time between ejaculation before the big deposit on retrival day??? (this would be on the small chance that retrieval is on saturday) i would like to have sex before the endless pelvic rest begins.... what do you think?? safe or just don't do it?


  1. I think 2.5 days is probably fine. Good luck with your egg retrieval!

  2. My doctor always said 2 days was plenty of time. But we also had a frozen sample at the lab "just in case" his sample on the retrieval day wasn't up to snuff. (His fresh sample was fine, but we still had to do ICSI.) Has your doctor weighed in at all?

  3. I think 2.5 days is just fine. Cute slippers! And so glad everything is moving along!! :)

  4. Probably fine...and my clinic actually encouraged my husband to (ahem) clear the pipes a few days before in order to have the best sample possible. This is assuming your husband's sperm is ok though...

  5. Should be fine. I say enjoy yourself. Slippers are way cute. I'm wondering when I'm going to retrieve too. My E2 levels are way too high.

  6. I think it's just about time that you press that [Buy] button. After all this and what you will be going through- you deserve it. You *so* deserve it.

  7. OMG - I've looked at those slippers before! They are adorable and you deserve them.

    2.5 day should be good - we always do 'it' the night before the trigger.

    1. 2.5 sounds good! Have fun and fingers crossed for you and Sunday!

  8. Good luck, best wishes, grow eggs grow, I know nothing about ivf other then my journey of ectopic and miscarriages ...good luck making babies my dear!! I have enjoyed your blog... get the slippers, etsy is my favorite place to shop...and those my dear, I heart

  9. I say you get those slippers as your reward for making it through all of this IVF bullshit!!! :-) Good luck this weekend!!!