Tuesday, January 3, 2012

catching up

today is the first day i have relaxed and done nothing in maybe a month..... it was perfect. i sat on the couch all day.... from 9:30 until 4 o'clock..... and i enjoyed every minute of it.

the last few weeks have been crazy, busy, and hectic. first off the week before and the week after christmas are INSANE at work. i work in a restaurant, in a upscale snobby mall. non-stop busy at work has made me exhausted.

and then

the holidays. whenever christmas and chanukkah fall in the same week it kills me. and on top of that there was shopping, cooking, entertaining, partIes, gift wrapping, my brother in town, and my dad and his wife in town (i haven't seen my dad or brother since last christmas)


dh went away for an annual trip in chicago.... always the week before christmas.... real helpful. after chicago he had to detour to houston for a funeral.....(very unexpected and very sad)


my mom is having some health issues


bff is preggo


af showed her evil face on christmas day..... and brought brutal, horrendous cramping and awful pain.... and tears (just because).


my house is a disaster as i decided to add the the crazy and throw a NYE party


so..... today was for me. it was perfect. i sat on the couch and netfix'd "breakng bad". i watched the entire first season.
i returned some gifts to bed bath and beyond and got an awesome new omlette pan, for my random egg cravings...
and now i am babysitting the love of my life.... my nephew bubba.(he is 2, and no his name isn't really bubba) as i put him to bed i gave him a kiss and told him i loved him..... he said, "i love you too anut jes, happy new year". it was the freaking cutest thing ever.

as for the baby making..... started the evil BCP on the 28th. all meds are ordered and will arrive tomorrow. i scheduled some time off at work.... taking off starting the 21st and will have at least 10 days off.....YAY!!
tomorrow i am going to try and schedule a fertility massage. meds to start on the 13th.

tonight before bff left to go to dinner i asked my nephew bubba if him mom was having a baby..... he smiled and rubbed my belly and said,"baby"..... i said, "not yet bubba..... but soon."
he smiled back.

this has to work.


  1. I am sending positive tonights your direction. I start bcp in two weeks

  2. Good to hear from you Jes, glad you have a well deserved day to do nothing. I am really, really hopeful that this cycle will be IT. I am rooting for you every. single. day.
    I love Breaking Bad, such an excellent show. I am just started the second season.
    Enjoy your massage!

  3. May this year be your year. Your nephew sounds adorable. Glad that the Holidays are over so you can rest. I like the sound of a massage.

  4. This is your year girl! I can feel it!

    Also-breaking bad is AWESOME. And Chicago before Christmas sucks big time!!

  5. Sending you lots of positive vibes and good luck for this cycle!!! I also start BCP in 2 weeks and can't wait to get this train moving already. :)

  6. Best wishes for you guys, we'll be right there with you!! xoxo

  7. Thinking of you and wishing you the best with this cycle!

  8. Hi Jess, I have been reading your Blog. I have not got to IVF yet in my journey...You are so brave, I have other blog friends in your shoes, I cannot wait for someone who has struggled this much to have a baby to get the best news in the world, wish you all the best!
    Keep good baby thoughts!! And I will keep good thoughts coming too!