Thursday, January 19, 2012


i never did thought vomit thursday before.....
i guess now is as good a time as any to give it a shot.

1. my friend "j" (who i work with) had a baby girl on monday. she was born early. and they haven't gotten to hold their precious baby girl yet. as she is being monitored in the NICU. i hope they get to hold their daughter very soon. and i hope she gets to go home with her mommy and daddy.... as soon as possible.

2. smug preggo's make me want to kill. there is one at my work who needs to get hit in the face..... with a brick.

3. i am so bloated.... my pants are tight. i feel like i have to pee basically every half hour. but when i pee, there is nothing there.

4. follies looked good today. left side: 2 18's and a 20. right side: 2 18's, 17, 19, and 2 12's

5. i triggered at 8:30 tonight. retrieval at 8:30 saturday morning (eastern standard time)


6. transfer on tuesday..... please please please lord give me three amazing embabies to put back!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!

7. bed rest tuesday, wednesday, and most of thursday. i am only ordered bed rest for 2 days.... but the 3rd day can't hurt much.

8. friday morning (next friday). we are going to the keys!! islamorada. just for a little change of scenery. we are staying at a cute little hotel that we love. the drop achor resort. just going to stay friday night and come home saturday...... i talked hubs into it. nothing better than living 2 hours from paradise.

9. please please please let 2012 give me a take home baby.

10. sorry about the keys thing..... i know most of you are in the middle of winter.... but i don't do winter.


  1. I was hoping to see:

    #11) I bought a new pair of lucky-slippers.

  2. Sounds like great numbers. I hope you get a take home baby this year too. I'll be triggering this weekend, possibly tonight.

    Good luck!

  3. Wishing you the best. Yes, I'm jealous about the Keys thing, but I'll get over it. It's not too horrible here in CA.