Thursday, September 15, 2011

Transfer done!!!

My 2 perfect embabies are home with me. Transfer was not as easy as it has been in the past. I will write about it later, and post a picture of our embies....
Right now I am going to rest and make sure these two are comfy and ready for the long haul.


  1. GO EMBIES!!!!

    I've read studies that women who laugh a lot right after an IVF transfer have a higher rate of success. So rent a few funny tv shows and get ready for 2 days of laughter!

  2. From one bedrest babe to the other-- yay!! Snuggle in babies!

  3. YAYYY!!! I hope those embies get nice and comfortable, cause they're going to be there for another 8.5 months :)

  4. Yes! Take good care of those two, mama!

  5. Yay!!!!! So exciting! Rest up dear.