Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fertilization report

So there is good news and not so good news.....
First the not so good.... When we started talking about this cycle we had all agreed on a 5 day transfer. Recently dr d made major changes to the way they do things. They have gone back to PIO for all patients and I am now finding out that they have decided to do only day 3 transfers. I am definitely a little disappointed as we were expecting the other.... I am waiting for dr d to call me back so we can talk about it.... I just want to understand his decision.

The good news..... Of the 8 eggs retrieved... 7 fertilized!!!
We are so happy!!!
(please excuse me if this post is crazy....typed it on my iPhone)


  1. Yay for 7! That's great! Transfer Thursday? You'll have all weekend to recover

  2. that is GREAT!! Don't worry about a 3d transfer. Plenty of babies are the result of a 3dt!

  3. 7 is great! Good luck with the transfer.

  4. Awesome! 7 eggs fertilized is pretty fantastic news. I looked up some studies on the pros and cons of 3- versus 5-day transfers, and there was a slight leaning towards the 3-day transfers having some advantage over the 5-day transfer. Our clinic only does 3-day transfers.
    Will be thinking of you on transfer day.

  5. Fantastic fertilisation :) Best of luck for your transfer... sending you lots of sticky vibes :)) Love always xoxo

  6. 7 out of 8 is a great fertilization rate! Lucky number 7! :-)

    Our clinic is a huge proponent of the 5-day transfer, but as others have commented, plenty of babies have resulted from 3-day transfers.

  7. wow amazing news, wishing you love and luck for your transfer!!