Tuesday, September 6, 2011

moving right along

lining 4.5
left ovary: 7 follies: 14,14,12,12,11 & 2 smaller
right ovary is lazy: one at 15 and one not big enough to measure.

ganirelix to start soon.

have been doing 4 vials bravelle in the morning and 3 vials menopur in the evening.
retrieval will most likely be sunday or monday.

waiting on E2 and instructions

starting to feel a little bloated and pretty tired

hoping for a little more activity in the folicle department.


  1. Oh gosh lady! WAHOO!! fingers crossed that they all keep growing and that you get a good solid number!

  2. Good job, ovaries! It is early, they have plenty of time. Sending you lots of love & good, fertile thoughts!!

  3. AHH! I want this sooo bad for you :) Hoping everything goes perfectly for retrieval! xo

  4. Very exciting...great progress so far! Everything crossed for you!!

  5. Those are good numbers! Nothing to be disappointed about at all.

  6. Looks like a good start. Fingers and toes are crossed over here.

  7. I laughed out loud at the preggeri comment! But here's hoping that we both are in a few weeks!