Sunday, August 28, 2011

hoping for some help

dh and i went to visit the famous Ripley's Fertility Statues!!

i have read about the statues on other IF blogs and recently found out they were so close... i mean 3 hours is nothing. i was thinking we could just make a day of it... and i wanted to do it before our upcoming cycle. but then we were invited to a weekend away with dh's family in north florida... so, i nervously asked dh if we could make a detour to orlando (an hour and a half out of the way) to touch the statues... (i was afraid he was going to call me crazy) to my surprise he didn't think i was crazy at all, and we went!!

the statues are in the lobby of the orlando ripley's..... it was nice that we didn't have to do the whole museum.... if you've seen one ripley's i think you have seen them all.

i was so excited!! we signed the guest book, i rubbed the statues and then told dh he had to do it too... he was happy to rub the lady statues boobs (such a boy sometimes) then we took a couple pictures.... a few of the employee's came out and wished us luck.... it was great :)


  1. 1. So jealous! I've always wanted to throw, um, rub those statues! and...

    2. EEEEEEEEEEHHHH!!! You totally made my Monday! I'm going to wear these socks at my ultrasound tomorrow! SO EXCITED! You rock my damn face off!

  2. Side note: When did you get married? June 21, perhaps? Do we share a wedding anniversary?