Thursday, August 11, 2011

birth control is the devil

first of all, the fact that i am taking bcp at all is rediculous. all i want is a baby.
i love going to the pharmacy to get my Rx for bcp and prenatals at the same time.... the poor pharmacist didn't know what to do..

second of all, i am a crazy psycho bitch right now.... i have been for a couple weeks. i doesn't take much to set me off. and when it happens, i am instantly yelling. (generally i am not a yeller. i am a libra. calm, cool, collected. i talk about things not yell). i am starting to feel bad for the hubs, as obviously he is taking the brunt of the bat shit craziness.
zero to bitch is happening faster than you can even count to one.

yesterday someone cut me off while driving and i almost got out of the car. i saw myself walk up to their window, bang like a psycho and then i saw myself scream obsenities while punching them in the face. i almost did it. instead i rolled down my window and called them names. but really, i wanted to get out of the car... i was to afraid the douchebag was going to have a gun and shoot me in the head....

i hate bcp.... i hate it.

i think i have like 10-12 more days.... hopefully i come out on the other end with all my hair still on my head, and a husband that still loves me.


  1. BCPs do suck... sorry you have to take them. They make everyone just not feel like themselves :(

    Hang in there, sister... only a few left, and then it's GO TIME!

  2. I'm sorry you are a ragin'. Can't be any fun, but hopefully it's just a step in the direction of BABY. I hate bcp because I took them like forever, thinking I was doing such a responsible thing preventing pregnancy, blah blah blah. Turns out it was just money and time WASTED on an infertile! Hang in there girl. I hope that there are no violent acts commited in the next 10-12 days :)