Tuesday, August 23, 2011

all clear:edited

my asshole cyst (on my right ovary) is gone! well almost. it was a shriveled up little piece of nothing today. which means we are finally good to go!

last bcp will be on saturday morning, the 27th.
baseline ultrasound and cycle start on friday september 2nd.
lots of monitoring the week of the 5th.
last time i stimed for 8 days and this time my menopur and bravelle doeses are higher. which lead me to believe i will again stim for 8 days. which puts us at retrieval on monday, september 12. and transfer on saturday september 17. i have taken the whole week off work..... just in case.
i am so ready.


  1. Hooray!!!! :) When you first said "asshole cyst" I thought you had an actual cyst on your ass :) And then I smartened up and realized what you meant. So excited the ball is rolling for you!

  2. yeah, I can't lie. I read "asshole cyst" and thought....wow, a cyst on her asshole...that must have been painful! Glad it's gone though! Here's to a new cycle and lots and lots of healthy embabies!

  3. Hemorrhoid? Oh... that kind of cyst.

    Glad it cleared up. Thanks for the giggle.

  4. Let the excitement begin! Wishing you the best of luck! :)

  5. Hallelujah for the ALL-CLEAR! Bring on the cycle... I can't wait and PRAY that this is it.

    And... I, too, thought that "asshole cyst" meant that you had a cyst on your asshole... I read that a couple times and started to laugh. Ahhh, the joys of dealing with all of this IF crap. It will be over and you will be prego soon! I just have a feeling...

  6. I'm excited that we are together too!!! I love reading other people's journey's and see how they progress. Hopefully this is it for both of us!

    PS, I second (sixth?) all the comments about thinking you had a cyst on your asshole. Totally thought you did for a second.