Tuesday, May 3, 2011

random thoughts

i have random thoughts running around in my head, here they are. in no particular order:

* I have been feeling so tired lately. ever since i strapped on my first estrogen patch on friday i have been exhausted. even acupuncture lady noticed it when she was feeling my pulse today.

* i am currently wearing 2 estrogen patches..... on thursday i go to 3, and 3 days later i go to 4 patches.

* TMI ALERT!!- all i have to say is "Holy CM Batman!!"

* i have decided not to ask about my E2 levels. they took blood on friday, and will continue throughout the cycle until transfer. i don't know what is an appropriate level at any point and i want to keep myself off Dr. Google.

* thanks to our tax refund i am getting an iPad. i ordered it a couple of weeks ago. it should be here on thursday or friday!!
so excited and hopeful it will keep me happy and occupied :D

* mom is doing much better!! last night she told me she feels "back to normal"!! YAY! i told her last month was i took care of her, this month, she takes care of me. (Thanks so much to my blog sisters for your kind words and hope for her to get well:D)

* i fell asleep today during acupuncture. i mean fast asleep. i don't think it was for long but it felt good! acupuncture ladies are really helping me to keep positive! i feel so good after every treatment.

* there is one pregnancy test in my house. one CBE digital. the one i have been saving for when i know it will be positive..... saving to see that one word. i don't think i will be POAS before my beta. i did it last time and it created negativity. and on beta day it was positive.

* i will also do my best to not google symptoms.

* mother's day is just around the corner..... last year i started stims on mother's day... i was full of mixed emotions. this year i will be celebrating the wonderful mother's in my life.... and staying hopeful that next year will be for me!

*my 2WW falls during ICLW. i am feeling blessed and hopeful for any and all positive reinforcement that i will get from current followers as well as any visitors who may be stopping by.

* one of my coworkers told me yesterday that he and his wife have just started TTC. at first i was taken by surprise.... i wasn't sure how to feel..... but after i thought about it for a minute, it made me smile. i thought, it would be so great to be pregnant at the same time as his wife. i have known him for over 10 years and seen his life change in so many ways. it would be so fun to share some of the same experiences.

i am feeling like RE office all over the world are so very busy right now. i feel like every blog i follow is filled with treatments or BFP's!! Congrats to all who have gotten their miracle.... i wish you all healthy and uneventful pregnancies and the most important part.... a take home baby. and for those who haven't yet gotten their good news..... it's coming!! i know my good news is coming soon ;D


  1. Nice Jes, it is good to "see" you in such a good place. I am glad your mom is feeling better and yes, it is your month to be taken care of. Sending loads of luck and fertile vibes your way.

  2. Yes, your BFP is coming soon!!! I wish you the best of luck this month! By the way, I love my ipad and I'm sure you will love yours too...so many cool things to download on it!