Saturday, May 14, 2011

48 hours to PUPO

i am getting very excited!

i am off work until thursday next week..... and so excited to relax and spend some time with our little embabies!

went to acupuncture this morning..... it was busy when i got there. only one acupuncture lady working, which was totally strange, and the receptionist was calling people and scheduling appointments like crazy. when i got called back for treatment acupuncture lady asked how i was. i told her feeling "ok". not great and not terrible. we talked about the progestrone reaking havoc she said she would make it better, and then told me that acupuncture lady #1 would not be able to do my treatment on monday before the transfer, she had a family emergency and was out of town, so i wouldn't get a treatment before the transfer.

she said they thought i would be fine and i shouldn't worry about it.

begin total fucking insanity.

she put all the needles in and left me to go crazy....(in her defense, i don't think she had any idea my head was going to spin right off my neck)

i tried to relax... i tried to think about the bright yellow light in my ute.... i tried to listen to the music... i tried.

i didn't cry until she came back. she asked how i was, and i just started sobbing. i told her i was stressed and upset. i told her i felt abandoned.... i sobbed. she tried to console me. she tried to tell me that it would be FINE. she tried. i just cried.
she left me alone for a minute, i thought it was because she was in the weeds. she came back and said she had rearranged her schedule and she would be there on monday to do my treatment...... then i cried more... i sobbed " i'm sorry!". i could tell she was truly upset that i was upset. i could tell she was fighting back tears.

it was terrible..... i had to lay there for what seemed like forever. so that i could get it together.
and then, as soon as i walked out of the room.... waterworks. fucking unbelievable. more tears... a hug, apologies for making me so upset, and i was out the door.
acupuncture lady told me to "HAVE FUN THIS WEEKEND!".

i got home and told DH about it..... he wanted to know what we were going to do to have fun. because he knew of my plans for the weekend...... cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, relaxing, a little pool time. he wanted fun. so we thought about it.....

and we made a plan.

today was spent shopping..... groceries and a new vacum! WOO HOO! so sad that i am so excited for a new vacum.
DH is awesome. after shopping, he cleaned while i went for a mani/pedi. love that man :D

and tomorrow......


sooooo excited. DH used to go all the time when he was a kid. he grew up in miami.
i have been once. when i was a kid.

bestie, her hubs (whom i lovingly refer to as "jockstrap" don't remember why, but i love his nickname :D) and their son, ( my love, "bubba) are going with us. it should be lots of fun !!


  1. Wishing you an insane amount of luck!! :) Glad you got to put some fun into the weekend...

  2. Wow, hope you enjoyed the weekend. You will be pupo tomorrow? So awesome!