Sunday, May 15, 2011

to my embryos

dearest little beans,

a year ago you were created. and a year ago we fought to bring a baby into this world. sadly, it didn't work. but we have you.... and tomorrow we will try again.

tomorrow you will be brought out of your long sleep. and we will be reunited. it may be a little crazy, it might be a little uncomfortable, but i am asking you now; please just fight. fight through the morning. fight as hard as you can. and by the afternoon, the worst will be over. by the afternoon you will be with me. you will be able to make yourself comfortable. i have worked hard to create a happy and cozy spot for you to stay. and i want you to stay for a while. thirty six to thirty seven weeks please.

i have dreamt of you all my life. i have hoped and prayed. and tomorrow we will be given the chance to be united..... once and for all.

i know that your life will change me forever, and i just can't wait for the change. it will be my job to keep you safe and happy and healthy for your lifetime. and i will do everything in my power to make sure that happens. i just need these two things from you.... just fight tomorrow. and then just stick. stick around.

you are all i ever wished for.... and i love you more than you could know.


  1. What a sweet sentiment. I'll be praying for the best and thinking about you tomorrow.

  2. Wishing you the very best for tomorrow :)

  3. Wishing you the best and praying that they stay with you!

  4. Good luck today, thinking of you xo

    Beautiful post.

  5. Great post. Hoping for you! Xoxo