Friday, May 20, 2011

may iclw

welcome iclw er's!!

i love iclw......because i love comments, and even more i truly get excited for each new follower i have!!

for my bloggy friends who have been following me.... thank you for everything!! your support and positive words have lifted me up and made this ride easier. i feel so very luck to have you in my life! xoxox

for new visitor's.....i hope you stick around! :D my happily ever after is coming!

a few things you should know about me.......

1. i'm not really a fan of capitalization. i usually only type in lowercase, sorry if this bothers you.

2. i love punctuation!!! i might use it wrong...... sorry if this also bothers you.

3. i love my husband more than he could ever know. i feel lucky to have such an amazing man standing by my side everyday.

4. started TTC in january 2009. began seeing RE #1, Dr. D in january of 2010. 2 natural cycle iui's....both BFN. ivf #1....positive beta, chemical pregnancy with rising betas..... treated as an ectopic with a methotrexate shot. went to RE # 2 in july 2010, Dr. Mumbles. ivf #2....cancelled..... two follies big enough to retrieve, other follies too small.

5. after 22 months solid of TTC i had become a shell of the person i used to be. i had alienated
myself from the world. i had gained 30 pounds. i became unable to sleep through the night. i stopped pushing myself towards a better job. i stopped doing things that made me happy. i was basically miserable.

6. i took six months off from october 2010-april of this year. i need to find me; the old me. i dug my soul out of the ditch that i had thrown it into. i have regained friendships. i have come out of the IF closet to most people in my life (everyone but work people). i lost 29 pounds!! i actually feel good about myself.

7. on monday, (may 16th) we transferred 2 perfect frozen embabies to my gorgeous, plush, 10mm triple layer uterine lining.

8. i do acupuncture. and i LOVE it!

9. i am feeling great!! i have set goals for my 2ww.
a. no stress
b. no POAS- i promised the girls at my RE's office i wouldn't cheat. and i think it will just make me crazy.... it definitely
made me crazy last time!!
c. no dr. google. this will be the most difficult for me. google is like an addiction. i google EVERYTHING!!!!

10. i used to think women who blogged about infertility were a little crazy.....with all the abbreviations, and crazy sad stories. my husband urged me to start blogging because he thought it would be good for me.

i never could have known how special this place would become for me. i never could have known that the women i have never met could mean so much to me. i never could have known i would call these people my "friends". i never could have known this would be the best place for me to share some of my deepest darkest thoughts and feelings. this community is amazing!!!

i am feeling so lucky that iclw is happening during the hardest days of the 2WW. i am so happy i will be able to have you ladies to share my story with! and to occupy my mind and keep me from going crazy :D

thanks so much for stopping by...... i hope you stick around to follow my story because it will have a happy ending! all i want is to be a mom. its all i ever wished for.......


  1. Happy ICLW!! Loved the intro post! Also loved the picture of you beautiful embabies!! Sending you lots of good vibes! :)

  2. Great to be sharing this 2WW with you... and I'm hopefully not going to POAS either :)) xoxo

  3. Love you!!! I am so freaking excited for you and keep checking your updates to see when your next posting is up. If no POAS, when do you go in for a blood test? Almost a week post-transfer... hope you're resting a lot and taking good care of yourself! Thinking of you :)

  4. I found you through ICLW! Great blog! I'm looking forward to following your journey. Wishing you much success with the FET.


  5. Happy ICLW.
    We have also been TTC since early 2009 and just recently switched to a new RE who suggested I try accupuncture. So I'm getting ready to start that soon.
    Hope you get a BFP with this one!

  6. HAPPY ICLW! I hope we can follow eachother and become the best of blog friends! :) Thank you for sharing your story. I'm sending you lots of positive vibes! :)

  7. Hi from ICLW! Awesome post! I'll send lots of positive thoughts your way! Good Luck!

  8. Hi... I've just awarded you a Versatile and/or Stylish Blogger Award :) Follow the link below and take your pick of which award you'd like and spread the love to other blogs you love :) It means so much to me to be sharing this roller-coaster ride of loss/TTC with you all. Love for ICLWeek :)) xoxo

  9. I am so impressed at how you took a break and gave yourself the time and space you needed and were nurturing to yourself.

    Wishing you the very best in the coming weeks and beyond.

  10. Happy ICLW! I hope this cycle turns out wonderfully for you! I usually use punctuation incorrectly too...I write like I talk.


  11. Best of luck with your FET! I'll be following along :)

  12. Hi,

    Thanks for stopping by over at Navigating Cyberloss. I really appreciate your introductory post for IComLeaveWeekers. Definitely going to stick around. Looking forward to your good news!


  13. Happy ICLW!!! thanks for stopping by my blog and I'm keeping everything crossed for a super BFP at the end of the week!
    Fran ICLW #10

  14. I found my way here via ICLW, I'll be seeing you more. :)

    Good luck with your FET and congrats to you for not testing early. I failed twice this time around and will officially test on Wednesday (with not much hope).

  15. happy iclw and best of luck with your fet! i look forward to following your journey.

  16. Here from ICLW, crossing my fingers for you!

  17. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am wishing you the best this 2ww and wish I had the ability to not POAS. I convinced myself to wait longer than the original plan though so I consider that a success.

  18. Hoping and praying this cycle brings you your much desired baby(ies). I love this community And am so glad you've found comfort in the people you've found here too.

    ICLW #6

  19. It was lovely reading your warm welcome, Jes. Thank you for sharing yourself and your journey with us.

    You remind me most beautifully why I find such joy in the blogging world. I am glad you took time to drop by my blog, that I could follow you here, read your words, and get to know you!

    Sending you good thoughts, and positive energy for all your hopeful wishes! Blessings!

    #25 & #140 ICLW

  20. Thanks for stopping by earlier today!
    What an amazing story! I completely agree with you, it's a wonder just how much this blogging thing helps!

    i am similar to you in that I also do not love capitalization. I still use it - but not all the time. And I often don't add fullstops if it's the end of a paragraph. I mean, it's pretty obvious then that the sentence has ended, right?

    And I love punctuations, especially the triple periods and the dashes (or are they hyphens?)

    and i also spent a few depressed months, gaining weight, withdrawing from the world. I recently resurfaced with the idea of changing my career track completely. Going back to school... rediscovering my passion.

    in short - i am going to follow your blog! glad to have found you - and good luck!!!!

  21. wow - awesome! crossing my fingers for you!!

  22. Hello from ICLWland! Wishing you a relaxing 2ww and lots and lots of luck!

  23. I'm so happy for you! Sounds like everything is on the right track and I love how positive you are! it's crazy how we lose ourselves and who we are with IF. I'm glad you took the needed break to find yourself again!

  24. Stopping by from ICLW...wishing you all the best!! Sending sticky thoughts to you! We are doing our first FET on the 20th of June! I have found a huge sense of peace and relief here in this community. What a brave batch of ladies! I will follow your journey...please take a look at ours!