Tuesday, May 10, 2011


this morning i gave myself my very last lupron shot!!!

i am so excited! we are moving along so well. yesterday my lining measured at 9.45mm. she said it looked beautiful and we were progressing nicely. so they scheduled my transfer for monday. they don't think i will be able to hold out until wednesday. which i am totally fine with :D

tomorrow we will have one last scan and E2 check and then i think i start the endometrin. Yuck.


  1. Woohoo for the transfer!!! Best of luck!!! I didn't like endometrin either. I'm beginning to think that even with the sore hips and intimidating needle, I prefer the PIO injections. Thinking of you!

  2. You are so close, almost pupo! Sending you good thoughts. Xoxo

  3. Yeahhhh! I'll be thinking of you Monday lovely lady!!!