Saturday, May 28, 2011


i hate it! i hate it! i HATE it!

itchiness...... discomfort..... leakage...... 3 times a day..... just don't like it. at. all.

so the nurses said i could switch. to PIO. i have all the stuff. i have the dosage instructions. the nurse drew spots on my backside so that dh would know where to put the syringe.

i just can't pull the trigger. i continue to torture myself with the endometrin.

(2 major fears.....1. dh giving me shots.... it scares me(i always do all the shoys myself). 2. endometrin is 3 times a day, PIO once a day. how do i just go from every 8 hours to just once a night.....won't that fuck with my body to not have any progestrone all day long???)

i need yor advice ladies!!

what would you do? what do you think?? does the shot hurt? is it awful either way??

what should i do!!

please help me!!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I did the shots through 6 IVF cycles and the progesterone in one shot is definitely enough and you'll soon feel the hormonal effects! Here's my advice: ice the spot before you poke (trust me!) and after you pull up the amount in the syringe, heat it in warm water (it thins out the thickness and helps it go in smoother). Also, some people lay down but I always stood up and put all my weight on one side and totally relaxed the other/injection side...also switch sides each night. Never tense up as this will only make it hurt that much more. Good luck!!

  2. I too am like you and have always given myself my own shots. Just the thought of DH giving me a shot weirds me out. I am sure he'd be gentle and loving, but...nah. But, if I could switch to PIO shots once a day and not have white junk flowing out of me constantly, I'd switch!! While doing the suppositories, I've sometimes skipped one dose (yes, I know you're not supposed to) just to give my lady bits a small break. I know that there is still stuff up in there that sticks around, so I am sure that your body won't notice to much of a change with switching from one type of administration to the other. Go for it! If it doesn't work, you at least tried it and can always go back to suppositories.

  3. I would do the shots. It is really not that bad. DH did mine in the bootie every night and while it is uncomfortable, it beat the "goop." It was a one time deal that took a split second where as the crionone was an all day reminder.