Wednesday, May 4, 2011

cd 10

stopped to see dr. d this morning....ultrasound and bloodwork.

the ivf coordinator nurse did my scan. before she started the scan i told her my lining was doing excellent.... she asked how i knew that.... i told her that i saw acupuncture lady on tuesday, and that she is making sure of it :D

my ute is looking beautiful!! triple layer lining. i was!! already! i started estrogen 5 days ago. it was at 7.8.
so crazy.

when they got my e2 results back she called to update me.

she said dr. d is very pleased and tomorrow i will go to three patches and sunday i will go to four patches. they think i am progressing quickly and transfer day will most likely be moved up to monday the 16th. they will make a decision next week.

ultrasounds and e2 on monday and wednesday.

so excited!! can't wait to be reunited with my little embabies :D


  1. for some reason this picture always make me giggle... it comes up whenever dr. d's office calls my phone :D

  2. way to go!! I think i've been sleeping on the wonders of acupuncture! That's fantastic!

  3. Wow, awesome lining!! That picture made me shudder, lol

  4. That's great! I've been lurking but wanted you to know you're in my t&p!