Friday, April 29, 2011

stim start and ultrasound

lining: "nice and thin"

left ovary: "clear"

right ovary: "clear"

we are good to go!!!
i am truly so excited!! i feel like we have waited so long for this day.

i strapped on my first estrogen patch this morning. let the crazy time begin!
tonight i will start low dose asprin with my prenatal and melatonin (strictly for sleep, been taking it for about a year).
tomorrow lupron goes down to 10 units.

transfer day got moved up. may 18.
i think this is a definite date, but i will check for sure on wednesday when we go back for monitoring.

funny thing about may 18th

last year may 18th was retrieval day. the day my eggs were fertilized.
the day our little embabies were created.
can you believe it.

one year to the day.
it's a good sign.


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  2. Yay Jes! So excited for you...I know you've waited so long to be able to move forward, so that is even extra exciting!

  3. GREAT sign :) Wish you lots of luck girl!

  4. Huh, it is interesting that you are one year out from retrieval. I am really hopeful for you Jess, let this be IT!!

  5. Very exciting and a great sign!! Good luck!! Our ER is the last week of May, so we aren't quite as far along as you are, but close!!