Wednesday, July 27, 2011

sock it to me

i found a new blog.

well, not so much found a blog, as it was shown to me. Jem, at Ambition:Motherhood blogged about her finding.
And she is right.
the smartness is pretty freaking smart :)

and she is doing this thing......

i think it's awesome!!! stop by and check it out!!!


i hope you all participate!


  1. Here's where I admit to you that I have been lurking here for about...oh...a couple of months or so. I might have commented once or twice a long way back. Now that my new blog is up and rolling, I've been getting back into the swing of being an active commenter. I'm glad that you're participating in the sock exchange, and thanks for helping to spread the word about it!

    I'm hoping that this upcoming cycle is THE cycle for you. (((hugs))) I'll be following along - and commenting this time around!

  2. Yes, Kym pretty much rocks my socks off. I've been a follower for several years. I did the first round of SockItToMe and it was great! Definitely signing up again.


  3. Aaannd signed up! Thanks for posting this info!