Sunday, July 24, 2011

blood work

when i have blood taken the nurses always make fun of me. because i hate having tape or a bandaid put on after the blood draw. i always tell them, no thanks..... usually there is some smart ass comment about it..... i don't care.... we have fun. i am glad that i have that kind of relationship, where they know they can make fun of me, and i won't get upset...... but at the same time, they are making fun of me. and the bottom line is, i have really sensitive skin.... it leaves a crazy mark.

friday, i luckily remembered before work that i had to do day 3 blood work..... (day 2 since it was friday) so i ran to the lab. of course i was wearing a white sweater, and of course they took forever to call me back, so i had them put the tape on, as i didn't want to bleed all over my white sweater and i was late for work. when i finally got a chance to take the tape off. this is what happened..........

it looks crazy!! (you can see my cute little puppy in this picture too... love him)


  1. Wow, that really does leave a mark! I'd probably want to pick on the nurses right back and be like "How about we put the tape over your mouth instead?" :) Aww cute pup!

  2. I joke around with my nurses too, though not for the same reason. That looks like it hurt!


  3. The tape does that to me too! And I tend to bleed a good bit so I have started carrying that stuff that wraps around and sticks to itself in my purse. We have to do blood work a Tricore and they NEVER have the stuff.

    On a funny note, when I had my egg retrieval they put the little round sticky heart monitors on my upper chest. When I took them off, it looked like I had an extra set of "girls."

  4. wonder you avoid the tape! your dog is so cute...he looks concerned :)

  5. I hate tape, too! Co-ban is the way to go!