Friday, July 22, 2011

can't believe it

i woke up yesterday feeling better than i have felt in weeks. it was nice. i wasn't bloated. i wasn't tired. i wasn't sad or uncomfortable. i was good.
i didn't really think anything about it.....until around 2 o'clock, when i went to the bathroom. there she was......AF!

i was shocked! i was at BF's house and she heard me in the bathroom talking to myself because i was so shocked.... i didn't expect AF for a while.... if at all. usually after treatments it takes FOREVER to get a period. i was expecting to call next week to get some provera, but there she was. i could have paid attention to all the signs.....clearly i had PMS.....i was such a bitch the last couple days. the bloat went away. and i look like a teenager with the breakout i got.

isn't it funny how IF makes you want to call everyone you know when AF comes....
it's really the strangest thing.....i was so excited i could have posted it on my FB wall.....clearly, i didn't.
BF already knew, so i had to call DH.....not sure why, but i felt like i should tell him. and i called dr. d's office.
the nurse was so excited!
i am to start BCP tomorrow....CD3. and we go in tuesday for ultrasound and cycle planning.
we are doing antagonist protocol (ganirelix)..... so i went back and looked at what my last cycle looked like.
30 days after i started BCP we had retrieval.....
It's crazy! i was not expecting that! but i'm wicked excited about it.....
ready to get this show on the road


  1. YAY!!!! Isn't it so amazing when we are all of a sudden ahead in the game? That's awesome news!

  2. One thing about infertility: the arrival of AF is no longer a neutral event or a mild inconvenience. No, now it's either a good thing or a very, very bad thing, depending on where you're at.

    Glad you're able to get the show on the road. ;-)

  3. Yeah!!!! and I can't wait for this cycle lovely lady!! It's going to be amazing.

  4. yay! so glad you can get started!!!

  5. I've been MIA and just caught up on your past 3 posts... YAY for another cycle, and YAY for AF showing up! That's a good sign... your body's ready to start this up and make it happen.

    I never thought I would be so excited to hear that someone just got AF :)

  6. Hooray! Ironic we can actually cheer for AF every now and then!!

  7. Wahooo!!!

    And I hope that my AF arrives soon. I totally hope we can cycle together!