Tuesday, July 26, 2011


two giant cysts.

one 42 mm one 38 mm. both on the right ovary.

they took blood, follow up ultrasound next week. if they are smaller, good. will proceed with ivf #3. if they stay the same size, or get bigger we will have them aspirated. it sounds painful.....hopefully it's no big deal.

bottom line..... ivf #3. still on! this will not slow us down! thank the lord!

other good news.... my ute looked BEAUTIFUL! as soon as the wand was in i could tell. maybe in a previous life i was an ultrasound tech, because even i could tell that it looked damn good! no tissue left over. she is ready for some beautiful embabies to find a nice home. :-)


  1. Boo to the cysts! But yay to "IVF-take 3" in sight! Woo-hoo! Lots of luck and positive thoughts being sent your way :)

  2. I hope those big ol cysts get the hell out of your good looking ute.
    And yes, bfPs all around! Duh!!

  3. Go away cysts!!! Hang in there though :) yay for IVF 3!! Ur sooooo close, I know it!

  4. I had an extra-large cyst prior to IVF #1. Time heals all wounds -- or at least it did the cyst, in my case. Hoping the same is true for you and that your IVF is soon up and running!

  5. High five for a beautiful ute. I knew ya had it in ya (hardy har har!)