Tuesday, July 19, 2011

3rd times a charm.......i hope

ivf nurse called this morning.... all in a tizzy. she was back from 2 weeks vacation, and catching up on everything that happened while she was gone. she got the ball rolling for ivf #3.
- bloodwork for DH
- day 3 bloodwork and thyroid pannel (i asked for this to be included) for me
- bcp rx called in
- meds will be ordered tomorrow
- i am to call when AF shows up. if she doesn't show by wednesday next week they will order provera to get the show on the road.
- i was given oreders to not leave south florida in late august and all of september

i am ready!
well, i would like to loose a few pounds, but other than that i am ready to move forward.
hopefully AF will help me loose a few pounds, the bloat is pretty bad.

this is gonna be the one.


  1. Yes it is... This will b ur month! Fingers crossed for u!! :)

  2. Great attitude, I love it. This WILL be the one!!

  3. Sending lots of positive thoughts your way!!!

  4. Hey there, I am not blogging at all these days but I am rooting for you! I may leave the blog world to stay sane as everyone is knocked up!! I want to stay in touch! Are you game to be FB friends? If so, email me at: chunkbee at yahoo dot com
    Hope you are well!