Thursday, March 24, 2011


So..... on tuesday i called Dr.d's office. the girl who answers the phone and schedules appointments "C" was sooo excited we were coming back. she made me feel so good, said we were her favorite patients, and she was so happy to see our faces again!! {love her}

i asked her to have the office manager give me a call, as my ins. doesn't kick in until April 1, but AF should be here around the 26th. "E" called me yesterday and said Dr. D was going to be out of town April 1-the 13th and she thought it would be better to get me in, so that we could get things rolling asap, and then we don't have to wait for dr.d to get back to plan the cycle. so, we went this morning!!! :D

FET is SCHEDULED!!! wow!! i can't believe it!!

i start lupron april 15, and transfer is scheduled for May 20th!!

Dr. D said the embryos are beautiful, high quality, and partially hatched. and they have a very high success rate for thawing, so we will without a doubt have 1 embryo, but hopefully both will survive the thaw.....(my biggest concern) i don't have to take birth control, which i am ecstatic about...
Dr. D also said we seem to be much calmer than we have been in the past... he was so happy to hear we had taken a break and worried about getting ourselves back in a good place.... he was also happy to hear about the acupuncture.

and here is something crazy. last year for our fresh cycle, the transfer day was May 21....

i am so excited and ready!!


  1. Congrats on "getting back into the game!" I bet that makes you feel so good to know you have a date scheduled!! When we got our FET date (April 21st,) I was ecstatic and so relieved!! Yippee!!

  2. Sooo exciting!!!! I am glad they squeezed you in instead of wiating for your new insurance. You are luck y to have such a considerate office. That doesnt happen for everyone. Good luck on your fet!! I think i'll be on 2ww when you get your embies transfered. I'm prayin for you!

  3. YAY!!
    I'm super excited for you!!! So happy to hear everything is going so smoothly for you. Keep up the "zen" feelings, Acupuncture is AMAZING!!!

    Crossing my fingers and toes for you!!

    I'm so excited to be following your journey!


  4. YAY!!!!

    I can not even wait. May 20, here we come!

    I barely recognized your blog, sister... nice layout! Love it.

    Keep us posted - can't wait to hear everything!

  5. Yay Jes! So exciting!! I thought of you the other day, your employer is close to mine:) it's cool that I have that frequent reminder of you!

  6. Hello from ICLW land!

    Wonderful news! Best of luck! Sending positive thoughts and vibes to you and your snow babies!

  7. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Counting down with you!!!