Tuesday, March 8, 2011


i wish i had asked earlier so i would be prepared. anyways, this afternoon DH and i are meeting with an acupuncturist and TCM doctor.

any advice on what to look for, or any questions i should be asking???

i trust you ladies.... any help is appreciated!!


  1. Hey Jess-I had a great time talking to your husband at ABA. I hope he expressed how much we are looking forward to your next cycle and all of the positive vibes we are sending your way!

    I am not sure what a TCM doctor is, but as far as the acupuncturist I would ask him if he has done any fertility patients in the past and if he has had success with them. I would also ask what he typically focuses on with a fertility session. They can focus the needles in different locations and what not. Oh and I would ask if they do any massage along with the acupuncture...because let's face it- that wouldn't suck!

  2. How did it go? Sorry I didn't get to post any questions beforehand...hope it went well! Update please!

  3. How did it go?

    Never done acupuncture, but excited to hear how your experience was!!