Tuesday, March 22, 2011

cd 22 and acupuncture question

(i have to say, i LOVE when AF starts on the first of the month!! it's so easy to figure out what cd it is! :D)

went to acupuncture today.... i am really enjoying it!!

a question though for those of you also doing acupuncture: as i lay there, it seems really easy for me to relax, as soon as i start to fall asleep, my mind wakes me up and then i have to go through the whole relaxation process again, but the second time it is harder to relax.... any relaxation or meditation techniques anyone can share with me??

after acupuncture i came home and did a moxa treatment.... currently i smell like a campfire... not really a fan of the smell but whatever. if it is good for me, i will do it.

today my boobs began to hurt, always a strong sign that AF is on the way.... i am also so bloated today. i feel so full and uncomfortable. (strange, because not normally a symptom for me)

also today i called our RE's office. the girl who answers the phone and schedules appointments was so excited to i called. and when i told her i was calling because we want to come back for an FET she was ecstatic!! she said dh and i were her favorite patients and couldn't wait to see us in the office again! (made me feel so good). now just waiting for the business manager to call back so we can work out specifics :D

getting so excited to be back in the saddle!!


  1. Does your acupuncturist play meditation/new age music? I find that this helps. But I only doze off during my treatment and sometimes I find myself snoring so then I get self-conscious and can't go back to sleep!

    ICLW #136

  2. Do you ever listen to circle+bloom meditations? I bring my ipod with me to acupuncture and listen to one while I'm on the table..

  3. No tips on relaxation. I always had a hard time getting into a really deep relaxation during acupuncture.

    Sounds like everything is in full swing! Keep your head up and stay positive. Visualize those little embabies finding a nice home in your womb for the next 9 months!!!

  4. I love your blog! Looking forward to hearing more. I'm so glad you took the time you needed for a break. I think it takes a lot of bravery to acknowledge when your body has had enough for a while, and to take care of yourself in ways that are very much needed. I'm very glad to hear that the time was one of restoration for you in many ways!