Thursday, February 2, 2012


its TVT..... the 2ww version.
also known as SVT!

- today we are 8dp3dt...beta is forever from now
- P4 checked yesterday.... nurse k was super excited when she called with results. 56.76
- super weepy lately....cried during "live with kelly" today (seriously)
- major cramping the last 2 days
- if i had a dollar for every time i have squeezed, pushed, or grabbed my boobs to see if they hurt.... i would be able to pay for several IVF cycles... they still hurt....and are feeling a little on the hard side
- indigestion.... which i HATE!! thank god for tums
- today i had super light spotting at work... i kind of freaked out.... i tried to keep cool at first, but it wasn't happening. i knew it could be good news but i still freaked. called hubs. he told me to relax, and said if i can't relax i should call the doctors office so they can tell me its ok.
i called. spoke to nurse i knew she would she said it was ok, and probably good. she said i should relax and sit with my feet up for a few minutes..... i work in a restaurant...hard to do, but i made it happen. and got out of work a little early, so i could go home and relax.
- i had the nurse draw a diagram on my back so hubs is making sure he is putting my shots in the right place. there have been a couple days where i just knew....because of the was totally in the wrong place. and a couple days where there was bleeding. nurse k said if i was bleeding it is definitely in the wrong spot, and possibly hitting a nerve....... explains some of my PIO pain.
- thanks for all your support ladies!!! you make the wait a little less evil


  1. That sounds like alot of good symptons to me :) Ouch on the shot into nerve.

  2. I agree, sounds like a lot good symptoms! :)

  3. All sounds good :) are you going to cheat and test early??? :)

  4. Good idea on the back diagram girl! Keep us posted!

  5. Good luck, I'm crossing my fingers for you!

  6. Just found your blog. New follower! Getting ready to embark on first IVF so I'm learning a lot by connecting with others in this community. Hope your 2ww goes by quickly!

  7. So excited for you. I had circles drawn on my back, too. DH put smiley face in them for fun!

    BTW, what does TVT mean?