Wednesday, February 22, 2012

resolve support group

i was just looking around the resolve website and found a support group in my area....
it's meeting tonight.

has anyone ever gaone to one of these?
what do you think?

maybe i will go?


  1. I went to one a little under a year ago. Unfortunately, this one was just getting started, so it was just me and one other person, and then life got too crazy for a while to make it, so I didn't end up going back. I need to contact the woman and see if it's still running, because I could use to get back into one. Hopefully they have more people now!

  2. I've been wanting to check it out in my area. but too afraid people will think , "a year and a half - that's all? pfftttt.."

    imma wimp. :(

  3. I attend one in Chicago. I would highly recommend these groups. There are about ten ladies that would attend my group on a regular basis. The ladies don't judge...everyone is there for support, information, and it is a great way to bounce questions/ideas off other ladies. You will have women who have had several miscarriages, no miscarriages, women who have just begun fertility treatments, women who may be contemplating treatments, and then there will also be the pros. It is emotional and often there is crying. The husbands also could attend the group I went to. I have become close to several of the women in my group and hope to maintain those relationships (I am actually having dinner with several tonight). After my first meeting, I literally sat in the car with my husband and we looked at each other and couldn't possibly understand why we had waited to attend a meeting. I felt relief and understood. I would recommend at least trying it out. Every group has a different dynamic so I can't promise it will be the same as the group I attend, but it is worth a shot.

  4. I have to admit I have never been able to bring myself to attend the support groups. Early on I was naive and thought that I wouldn't fit (clearly too fertile - hahaha), and then later on I was scared that the meetings would just bring me more fears and make me realize all the further things that could go wrong. But I have heard of so many people having great support from them.

  5. I love my local Resolve group. I found it especially helpful between cycles - lots of good advice, stories, experience shared. I had a harder time going to meeting while cycling, because when I started going there wasn't much good news to share. 1.5 years later there are now 8 of us who have splintered off to create a pregnancy group. I've made real friends and would highly recommend using this IRL resource.

  6. I've really wanted too. I even contacted them and have all the information in my inbox. I have yet to take the leap though. I think it will be one of those things that I'll regret not doing earlier though.

  7. I JUST posted about this too. I haven't gone before, but am interested! Fill us in if you do go!

  8. Yes! I met three of my really close friends through Resolve. :)

  9. I think you should do it! I looked in to it, but the closest one to me was being led by someone I knew... she worked in the same company as me, and through the same industry, we knew one another. It was too weird for me to join the group with her being the leader. Then I just never looked into other locations and options, but I'm not even sure why. I think you should try it and report back :)

  10. The closest one to me is about 45 minutes away so I've never gone. I did however find a support group last year for infant and pregnancy loss and it is only about 5 minutes from me. I never saw myself as going to a group like this but I credit this group, and the amazing lady who started it, with getting us back to a place of trying again and being "ready" to move forward.

    We have met several couples through this group that we now count as friends and we meet for dinner about once a month. One of them is experiencing secondary infertility after her loss and she actually goes to the same RE's office as us.

    I would encourage you to go, walking in to the first meeting will be the hardest but I think you will find comfort and friendship there. You'll be glad you went.

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