Saturday, June 5, 2010


So Dr.D called yesterday as I was walking through HomeGoods with BFF. My phone rang, and I knew who it was before I even looked at the caller id. I slid my finger over my iphone to answer the call. I slid it again. the touchscreen wasn't working, i couldn't pick up the call. i started to panic and then it picked up.
"Hi Dr.D"
Dr. D did not sound great, "Hi Jessica, we got back your beta, the number is really low. 26"

I don't think i have ever had so many emotions running through my body. Excited it wasn't negative..... sad it wasn't an awesome number like 208 or something.
Dr. D was not happy with this number,26, it seemed as though he just didn't want me to get my hopes up. So i will continue with progesterone and estrogen patches and go back on Monday for another beta. Hopefully a beta in the 200 range :D

There is a part of me that just has to stay positive. It could go up. If we stay positive, maybe the beta will stay positive. That's all I can think.

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  1. Crossing my fingers that it goes up. I had a friend that had a 5 day transfer and had a beta of 20. She just delivered a healthy baby boy 3 weeks ago. I'll be praying for you guys!