Thursday, June 24, 2010

m is for methotrexate

That's right, i am being sent to the cancer center at my local hospital for a little methotrexate.

There is no sign of pregnancy any where in my uterus, which unfortunately means this is being considered an ectopic pregnancy. YUCK!! i just don't like the sound of that.
so we decided to make things quick and easy, a little shot will get rid of the problem. sounds good to me. i am ready to move on. i dealt with the loss and the heartache of the IVF not working over 2 weeks ago, i am over it. i am looking forward. i have seen pictures of my two beautiful blastocysts on ice and i am ready for them. i hope they are ready for me!!!

dr. d's office does not administer these shots, so he is sending me to the closest place that does! when he explained to me where we were going he said, "you are going to the cancer center, but don't worry, you don't have cancer, so just accept it and move on." for some reason his was extremely funny to me.

he called to have them schedule me for the shot for tomorrow morning. they couldn't squeeze me in. this is strange and annoying to me. really? you can't squeeze me in for a shot?? even though my doctor has asked you to?? so whatever, tuesday morning we will check out of our hotel in beautiful key west, and drive like the wind to make it to my 2pm appt. No problem. At least i can enjoy my weekend away without any random side effects. I will not be anywhere near google looking up any info about the shot until our drive home, thanks to my trusty iphone. :D


After all, we are going away to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary!! YAY!!

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