Sunday, June 13, 2010

prepping for the follow up

i scheduled the ivf follow up appt for monday morning at 8:30am.

this is probably crazy. i thought several times about changing the appointment, but really, lets just get it over with. i would like to get the answers i need, and move on. i don't want to be thinking about all the what if's for any more time.
so this morning, i made breakfast for my amazing husband, and now have been prepping for the "www appt"
i have a lot of questions. i have written them all down, and i plan to run through the list and get answers. dr. d may want to kill me after tomorrow. :D
there were a lot of questions i had throughout the cycle that i didn't ask. probably because i think that i know how to keep myself from going absolutely insane...
questions i did not ask throughout this ivf cycle include egg and embryo quality. i think that this could have made things worse if i knew while it was going on, no matter if the news is good or bad.
we plan to move forward with another ivf cycle. i have insurance coverage which pays for everything. i mean everything. unfortunately, my insurance coverage is over on november 7th. i will be loosing the best insurance on the face of the planet, so,we would like to fully take advantage while we can.

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  1. I hope you get the answers you need at your appointment. It is so wonderful that you have such fantastic insurance coverage. November gives you plenty of time to mix up your protocols, try something new and hopefully get plenty more quality blastocysts!!

    I am looking forward to hearing what your doc says!

    Keep your head up girl!