Thursday, June 24, 2010

today= ultrasound and decision making time.
friday's beta was 356
monday's beta was 261
yesterday's beta was 276
when nurse m called yesterday to tell me it went back up, i couldn't even control myself. i said, "what the fuck!!" this made nurse m hysterical. i am getting to the point where the fluctuating beta's are comical. like really, this is ridiculous.

so, back to see dr. d today. i guess we have to decide on how to get rid of my empty placenta. (this is what i have been calling it)
not to excited about my options.

i am however excited that tomorrow morning we are leaving for key west!!! yay!! god do i need to get out of this town. on monday i asked nurse m to get with dr. d about my vacation.
3 questions
1. can i drink?
2. can i have sex???
3. can i go on a boat?

nurse m immediately responded with "As long as you do all 3 together!!" I love that girl <3

so dr. d called later that day to find out what was going on, if i had fallen off the IF wagon.
I think nurse m forgot to mention the whole going away part. dr. d. said I could enjoy myself, but not to party like i am at a frat party, as i may still get nausea from the empty placenta. (not his words)
YAY!!! i am so excited to get away and relax, party a little, and have some fun.
and maybe i will do all 3 together!! :D

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