Saturday, May 15, 2010

Doing Well :-D

It's been almost a week since my last post, but I have been trying to keep things nice and calm.
Wednesday was our first scan and blood work, also, DH was scheduled for an eye exam. DH got up early for his 8am eye exam. But, there was a major problem..... his eye was swollen shut. He looked like he got punched in the eye. It took everything in me to not laugh at him, and at the same time convince him he should still go to the doctor. DH happily agreed, because he thought they would still do an eye exam, and he would be able to replace his broken glasses. Well, no glasses for Joe, he has an infection in his eye. Poor guy, he was so upset. I guess he was wrestling with the dog and got scratched (hehehehe I have to laugh about this a little, as Joe is fine, and it is no big deal) When we got to Dr. D's office, there was more laughing at Joe as I let all the nurses in on our morning. Joe's sad face said a thousand words. :-D

Time for the ultrasound:
4 measurable follicles. All four were on the left side, NOTHING on the right. I was not happy. As a matter of fact I was TERRIFIED!
They gave me a shot of bravelle in the rear while I was still at the Dr.'s office. That made me super nervous as well. E2 came back at 322. They said things seemed ok....they up'ed my meds a little. I made a promise to Joe and myself, no stress until Friday's scan. Also, I felt things happening on the right and left side all afternoon wednesday after my shot, which helped to calm my nerves.

Friday morning scan and Ultrasound:
11 Follies! Yay! So happy with these numbers... Left side 16,16,15,14,14,13 Right side 15,14,14,14,12!! Good job done by all!!! Hooray!! Started Ganirelix. They did the first shot for me in the office. Not a pleasant shot by the way....fine going in but WOW it stings once it's in a swimming around.

Back for another scan this morning:
Everything is looking great, my follies are doing an awesome job. Follies at 20 on both sides. Lining is at 8!
Trigger shot is coming soon. I am getting excited and nervous all at the same time!

Today my wonderful hubby is cooking Prime Rib. I have been craving it for a while, and I figure I should get the bloody meat craving over with since I may not be eating any red meat for a while!! I am so excited!

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