Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day 1 of Stims

It's kind of funny isn't it.... Starting my stims on Mother's Day. I wonder how that happened. It's like the double edged sword. I hate it because it's Mother's Day, and I am not a Mom. This year Mother's Day is extra torture. But on the other hand, how magical that today could be the beginning. Today could be when my life changes and all my dreams come true.

I want to be hopeful, but Mother's Day to me has always been torture, the same as Valentine's Day, New Year's Eve, Easter, Christmas Eve....... These holidays are torture because I work in the restaurant business. I have done it all, hostess, waitress, bartender, manager. The holidays mean amateur day. The expectation is higher and people are extra rude. And on top of that, because it is all about hospitality, I never spend these day's with my loved ones. YUCK! Mother's Day is extra awful because in South Florida, it marks the official end to our busy season. So now, for the next 5 to 6 months, I will stand around staring at my coworkers, and making half the money I do in season. YAY!!

Moving on, I did my first shot all by myself!! Very proud! I was scared to death it would hurt going in, and I wouldn't be able to finish it, or the syringe would fall right out of my stomach as I was bending over in agony.... But I did it, no problem. It did sting a little right after, and I have had horrendous cramps all night (That was great at work) But so far so good. I have my first ultrasound and blood work follow up on Wednesday. Grow little Follies Grow!!!!

To all the ladies out there struggling through this Mother's Day, just know that I am thinking of you, and sending my love to you, and wishing on this night that one day soon, we will all have our dreams come true.

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