Sunday, February 13, 2011

a great weekend

it really was great!
saturday was filled with good times with the people i love the most and a cheat day..... i needed it!

started the day with a pedicure

later was brunch with my 2 besties and their loved ones. we met bf's new guy.... finally!! (they have been long distance dating since early november)

i had a bloody mary and smoked salmon benedict. yum!! then a little walk on the beach. i really feel blessed to live in south florida, i has been absolutely gorgeous weather lately.

after brunch DH and i decided it was time for a little time away. we looked at several options....
vegas, st. lucia, a cruise, and the keys (always an option for us). then we watched the social network. what a great movie..... it felt a little like a 2 hour anxiety attack, so intense! but really great, and seriously, could justin timberlake be any more adorable??!!

a little nap, and later we went to dinner. a new steakhouse close by. when they handed me the wine list i got a little excited. i ordered a bottle of caymus cabernet and told DH not to look at the bill!! :D dinner was great!! beef carpaccio with a truffle aioli, arugula salad with shaved parmesan, and a little toast point topped with a delicious steak tartar, wow. new york strip, and truffle fries (my new obsession) and then the best cheat ever.... chocolate bread pudding with vanilla ice cream. OMFG!!

back home to snuggle in bed and watch another movie.... what a great day!!

today DH booked a hotel for our little getaway.....we decided on the keys. i really feel blessed to live two and half hours from PARADISE!! we LOVE the keys. islamorada is our favorite, and the drop anchor resort is just what we need!! its so great to just slow down and do absolutely nothing for a weekend, and in such a great place!!

wishing a happy valentines day to all my bloggy friends!!


  1. That DOES sound great! I loved Social Network and good wine :)
    Have fun in the Keys, it is so beautiful there! My in-laws are in Key West for the next two months, I am little jealous.

  2. Well that just sounds like an awesome time! I have seen the Social Network and thought it was fabulous. It was nice to see Justin Timberlake on the big screen again! Hope you are having a good Valentine's Day! :)

  3. Hi there! I wish I was there for your awesome weekend... I was drooling thinking of the bloody mary and smoked salmon benedict... YUM! Also, I wish I lived in Florida... I checked out the site of the resort you are going to and just about cried. It looks like paradise!! Relax, have fun, and enjoy... you deserve it, sister!