Thursday, February 10, 2011

facebook is killing me slowly

it used to be just a couple breeders here and there. but now, i think there is some cosmic, torture the infertiles baby making going on. it is just too much for me.

last week i opened up facebook to a post: "I'm pregnant" followed by an ultrasound photo.

3 days ago i opened up facebook to one of those baby gaga, this is how my baby is growing at 17 weeks posts. BLECH! i hate that shit!!

and yesterday i saw this, "Yikes!! 9 months from now I'm gonna have a little *her last name* running around here. Lol...I can't wait!!!" accompanied by a scan.

a scan with yesterday's day that said 6w6d. really!!


i mean really, Lol??? what are you laughing out loud about?? i am certainly not laughing!!!

this chick has been married for like 5 minutes, and really she's fucking knocked up!!

so, basically, i cried myself to sleep. it was too much.
it's funny how some pregnancy announcements are no big deal and others unravel your world...
this one brought me to a screeching halt, and then i had to hear about it at work today. again. kill. me. now.

so today, i did 2 things. i moved the facebook app to the end of my iphone.... i never make it all the way back there, and usually i FB on my phone. also, i actually logged on to FB from my computer and happily went through, hiding all posts of pregnant women.

i don't need that shit.


  1. Not only do I hate those blissfully ignorant people, but I also pity them. I can't help thinking that in a few weeks when something goes horribly wrong they'll regret the smug happy FB posts and announcements to the whole world. Sad hey?

    Hiding FB people is an important survival skill for us IF girls because you're so right - we don't need that shit.

  2. I did that as well while I was in treatment. I blocked all people that were pregnant so that their annoying posts wouldn't come through my news feed. I completely understand. You protect yourself any way that you need to! I am thinking about you!

  3. I no longer even log onto FB it's just far too stressful.

  4. Oh man I feel the same way. I was stuck at home yesterday due to bad weather so I decided to play on FB a little and first thing I see is a pregnancy announcement. And they too are newlyweds. I just gave up right then. A little later I decided to give it another try and bam! another one.

  5. i am sooo the same way! sometimes I think..."oh I can handle it!". Then I log on...and get furious. I have started saying to myself. "Another one bites the dust"...when I hear of another announcement.

  6. Block most of the annoying breeders too. My sil once posted something along the lines of "my baby said agoo today". Really? And someone would actually give a shit? Blocked. I am getting old, the breeders are starting to dwindle.

  7. You are completely don't need that shit. The 'hide' option really comes in handy when it comes to pregnant women getting all goo goo ga ga over their pictures and scans, etc. Sorry you have had to deal with all of this lately.