Tuesday, September 7, 2010

a new plan

ok blog friends..... i have been meaning to share for a while.
i guess i feel like if i type it for all of you to see, than it's the real truth.

it's bad,

and good i guess.

so, as i have mentioned before, i am currently the proud owner of AMAZING health coverage. everything is covered...... i mean EVERYTHING. (Our IVF in May cost out of pocket $1600. that included all meds, copays, freezing of embryo's and storage for a year, ICSI, EVERYTHING)

don't hate me.....my coverage is no longer mine as of november 7th. it's really sad.... i know.

so DH and I have been doing everything in our power to get me knocked up before Nov 7th. until a few weeks ago....... I found out that i will not be eligible for coverage at my work. No group coverage!! (DH's plan is very cost prohibitive)

So basically, I am now shopping for an individual plan. An individual plan with maternity coverage. These are difficult to find. So far I have found one company that is offering maternity coverage in Florida.

This has put a wrench in our plans to get knocked up. Because I can't be knocked up and then get maternity health care coverage. I have to get maternity healthcare coverage, wait the grace period, and then get knocked up.

the day this news came to me was a bad one..... i was beside myself... i was a mess.

DH came home to find the mess that i was.... i explained the situation. and he was fine. he says "Well we will do the IVF, stim, do the retreival, and freeze all the embryos."

Of course!!

because i had become an insane person i did not think of this, but thank god i have such an amazing man who can make it all better just like that.
realistically, we can't afford to do what we have been doing. Obviously IVF is expensive. But FET, that is much more realistic. $10,000 vs $2500. Really. A no brainer.

So thats the plan.

We are doing the first part of the IVF cycle. hopefully we will get lots of mature eggs, fertilize those eggs, and freeze a crap load of embabies!!

I was a mess. but i think it is getting better. i am looking forward to a real break.
I am going to look for a new job, i am going to get in shape, I am going to work on getting back the old me. the happier me. And we are going to save a crap load of money!!

FET = Sometime in 2011.

that's the plan.


  1. Wow .. that is just crazy about the insurance coverage.
    I'm glad you came up with a (Great!) plan that you and DH are happy & comfortable with.

  2. Good plan! Like you, I am totally blessed to have great health insurance but, I stand to lose it too, hence the IVF cycle ASAP!! You have started, right?
    I hope you don't make it to the 2011 FET! Good luck!

  3. You are one lucky girl with that kind of coverage! Take total advantage! Your plan sounds perfect... congrats on a huge step!