Wednesday, September 22, 2010

day five of stims


day 4 of stims E2 = 398
little high
dr. mumbles concerned about OHSS or a possible large lead follie.
no ultrasound done

adjusted meds

ultrasound this morning showed
Right side: 14.5, and 9
Left side: 22, 14.5, 11.5, 9, 7.5
E2: 588

Yeah, I know, 22. I was like whoa..... it looked like a grapefruit in there.
Dr. Mumbles is a little concerned.... happy we aren't overstimulating though. Adjusted meds again.
I go back on Friday. I am sure we are looking at Monday retrieval...

I am feeling so very tired, and just like last time extra thirsty. Drinking like a camel.

Grow follies GROW!!!


  1. Sounds really really good. Grow follies!! Are you feeling any pressure?

  2. Excellent! Deep breaths, water, and positive thoughts!! I am thinking of you and sending you some interweb love!!!!

  3. Grow! Grow! I have my fingers and toes crossed.

  4. Thanks for all the warm wishes on my blog, Jes... I really appreciate it :)

    Grow, follies, GROW!!! Relax, think positive thoughts, and know that a LOT of people ar praying for and thinking about you!

    XOXO :)