Saturday, September 25, 2010

trying not to think about it

so..... i took an ambien last night.
it was 2am and i was crying.... with no sleep in sight. so i took an ambien.
i slept till 11:15 today.
it was great!!!

kept busy today.

i did some errands in the morning, then DH and I met up with BFF and her Hubs (whom I affectionately call "JockStrap") and their son Bubba.

We drove 40 minutes to this dump restaurant they saw on Diner's Drive-In's and Dives earlier this week. i wish i could remeber the name of this place, but man it was a shit hole. AMAZING cheese steak. they make their own bread.

then, BFF and i went to Micheal's. We have a plan. We are going to make wreath's until we have one for every season or holiday. today we made fall wreaths. so much fun!! (what an exciting saturday night)

I am in love with my wreath!!

what do you think???

i wish you could see it better, but in the top left corner there is a little owl..... he is my favorite part :)

i also took a few minutes today to put away the meds. i have somewhat of a stock pile of fertility meds. they were in my closet. every time i walked into my closet, there they were.
so i put them away. they have all been put into drawers in another closet. that way they are not seen unintentionally. i emptied the garbage and disposed of or put away everything IF related. i don't think the reminders all over my house are necessary.


  1. It is lovely, Jes. It is great to be surrounded with loved ones and live life. I am proud of you, your attitude is terrific. Putting away all of your IF reminders is a good step too. I hope that the time off gives you some peace.

  2. I love your wreath and your distractions.
    Distractions are a great great thing.
    I have slept since Saturday afternoon on and off.. not going to work today. I think I have to call my therapist.

  3. Love the wreath! You should go into the business of selling these on the side :) Looking forward to seeing more pics of what you create as the seasons progress.

    Here's to keeping your mind off things... easier said than done, but you can do it, I know. Thinking of you :) XOXOXO

  4. Wow, that's gorgeous. Glad you finally got some sleep.

  5. I was just re-reading your post. Hope your feeling better.
    Kind of ironic, DH & I were pulling into a burger place that was on Diners, Dives & Driveins when we got the canel call.
    My darling husband made sure he got a burger to go before we left :)