Tuesday, August 31, 2010

long time no see blog-friends

well, i am sorry for going MIA.... it's been crazy

i left of on day 24 of my 30 days of blog, and i am sorry. but i just don't have it in me to catch up.

on friday last week i had my trial transfer, saline sonogram, and ivf consult with the nurse. as i am with a differnt RE for this ivf cycle, the trial transfer was without a doubt important. and also important because of the 2 iui's and 1 embryo transfer i have had, none have been easy.

this trial transfer was TERRIBLE!! i think i was in stirrups with speculum in for about a half hour. i was in that position for so long that my legs began to tremble involuntarily. i held it together so that dr. mumbles (my new name for the new RE, as he is constatnly talking to himself) could do what he needed to do. however, the nurse knew i was going to blow at any moment.

after they both left the room i lost it. it is very upsetting to me that something that should take no time at all is actually quite difficult for more than one doctor to accomplish.

as dr. mummbles said he had to make sure the catheter wasn't being bent inside my cervix, and he was able to refine his technique of "inserting of catheter sleeve to 4cm, the rotate 180 degrees, finish by inserting catheter the rest of the way to about 5.5 cm."

Quite frankly dr. mummbles, I DONT CARE!! just get it right!!

saline sonogram was easy... no big deal.

afterwards we had the ivf nurse consult. she was great, she did ask if i was still up to it after the worst half hour of my life. as i have already been through one of these, i was no big deal. DH however, was freaked out about the TT still as he did not retain one bit on information from the consult. i think his head was actually spinning around in circles!!!

as we left the doctors office DH looked at me and said, "that was intense."

love him


  1. sorry for such a crappy experience!
    but so very glad your DH "got it". *hugs*

  2. Oh you poor girl. I am so sorry to hear that you had such an awful experience... the feeling of not being in control of your body and having to be in one position for so long is not fun. I am thinking of you!