Thursday, August 19, 2010

cd 41 still waiting

yup, that's right! cd 41.
NEVER IN MY LIFE has AF been like this!! i am a pretty regular girl 26 days usually, but the longest was probably 31 days.

i had some blood work done

E2- 132
Progestrone- 11.2
Beta- Negative

So, apparently, i O'd last week. AF should be showing her ugly head next week some time.
let's get this show on the road. bcp here i come!


  1. Huh, how strange. Did you think you o'ed earlier in your cycle? Here's to AF showing up quickly so you can start those BCP's. If my thyroid wants to start working we may be on a similar schedule!

  2. They can also prescribe you prometrium. You take it for 10 days then AF will start. I had to use it every time to get things moving along!