Friday, August 6, 2010

20 of my favorites

In no particular order:

1. my DH- Joe G!! i love you babe
2. stewie - our dog
3. taking pictures
4. cooking
5. bubba cheeks (my nephew)
6. dunkin donuts iced coffee
7. my iphone (small addiction)
8. scratch off lotto tickets
9. my bed
10. as mentioned before, any smut television (reality tv, daytime tv)
11. the pool in my backyard
12. my family
13. sleeping in
14. days without work :D
15. my toyota corolla
16. hydrangeas
17. farmers markets
18. shopping
19. going out for breakfast
20. the florida keys

1 comment:

  1. I love it! Your list is great... we have so much in common! I love my dog, cooking, my bed, sleeping, days without work, going out for breakfast, the Florida Keys, my family.... the list goes on.

    I do wish I had a pool in my backyard... lucky girl!