Wednesday, August 11, 2010

prenatal + bcp + preg tests= confused cashier at the pharmacy!!

thats right. i just purchased my monthly prenat, birth control, and a pregnancy test..... LMFAO!!


only in an infertile's world would this make any sense.

AF is still no where in sight. 8 days late. i have tested once with a cheapy pee stick, but i figured i guess i will bite the bullet and spend the $$$ for a good test. whatever. i will POAS in the am.


i hate waiting for AF. i guess i will call the doc on friday if there is still no sign.

in other news....

BFF called me this morning freaking out. she was terribly upset because she was thinking a friend of ours, (the one i don't like because she has a baby) might be pregnant again.
she was a mess about it.
i love bff. she said, at this point there is only one person she would be happy to see pregnant. and anyone else who might be pregnant, she hates them. i was hysterical laughing. it's like she has taken my feelings as her own.
i did tell her i thought she was being a little irrational. and that she should not be angry at others who might get preggers.
anyway. i just thought that was funny.
oh, and by the way. girl i don't like.... not pregnant. (thank goodness!!)

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