Sunday, June 26, 2011

happy anniversary

the d&c is scheduled for tuesday. which happens to be june 28th. my wedding anniversary.

of course.

last year we planned a trip to the keys for our anniversary. we had just finished ivf #1. we had found out that it was a bust. and 2 days before we were to leave for our trip to the keys we found out that i needed a methotrexate shot. we had to come home early from our trip so that i could go to a doctors was great.

so obviously. i just knew i would start bleeding while we were on vacation. we didn't even make it to key west. half way there we stopped at our favorite restaurant in islamorada.....i went to the bathroom and found a massacre. we weren't even fucking there yet!! i half of our trip i spent self medicating. advil, scotch, and sun. the other half i spent in bed, with tears in my eyes.
Happy 2nd Anniversary.

so when they called on thursday to say the d&c would be tuesday....i wasn't even surprised. i texted dh to let him know. he responded with, "great. not like we have anything else going on." (holy sarcasm batman!)
dr. d is going away at the end of next week. and i know hey have a busy week. and i know they squeezed this in. because it is necessary. and i just didn't have it in me to ask for a different day.
we decided we would celebrate our anniversary today instead.

we planned to go kayaking. and then go to dinner. i was super excited!
we got up early, and dh called the place we were going to go kayak. they said the river was so low (it hasn't rained in a while.....until today, of course) that we would do more dragging a kayak than we would do paddling a kayak. so, no kayaking.

we decided to go to breakfast. i wanted eggs benedict.
we went to the seagate hotel. a local hotel. we know the executive chef and the sous chef, but we have never been. its a chic little boutique hotel in our downtown area. great reviews for both the restaurant and hotel. mostly busy with weddings and large out of town groups..... and GORGEOUS!! i was excited.
we sat and ordered breakfast.....dh didn't think either of our friends would be there, so we didn't even ask.
i got up to used the ladies room....and there was adam. the chef. the best part about dh and i being in the restaurant business is knowing people. everywhere. and the v.i.p. treatment when you know people :D
breakfast was awesome.... i had an eggs benedict trio. a crab, a lobster and a steak benedict. with fresh fruit. i also drank 3 cups of decaf coffee. possibly my favorite part. haven't had any coffee....not even decaf since may 14th ( i know sad that i know the date).
after when we finished the waitress said our check had been taken care of.... so awesome! we stopped at the kitchen to thank adam for breakfast and his hospitality. he asked if we had time, and offered us a tour.
we walked through the kitchen which was AMAZING and so big. i know restaurant kitchens not hotel was a monster.
we went through the banquet areas, spa and pool area. then he took us up to see some of the rooms. the presidential suite and a couple other suites. soooo cool.
it was great to see adam and so fun to get a little behind the scenes tour.
when we were leaving adam asked when we were going to have some kids.... i said, "we are working on it. it's not so easy for some people"
he was a little shocked by my response but it made me feel good.... it made me feel good to say it. as nice as possible, not bitchy, but more of a hey, this is our struggle kind of thing.
after breakfast we stopped at a consignment shop....i am looking for a dresser and bureau for our bedroom that i can refinish and make my own....i was so excited dh was even interested in going with me.
we came home to relax, go for a swim and hang out with puppy.
later we went to an early dinner. i wanted lobster....
it was soooo good. i had a 3 pound lobster and dh had a 4 pound stuffed lobster. ridiculous and delicious. excited about the leftovers for a little lobster salad... yum!
when we got home i started laundry, and dh decided he was ready to clean out his closet. ( i know, it's crazy, but i have been begging him to clean his closet for months....i told him it would be the best part of our anniversary!). wow was he ready! i have never seen dh let go of so much stuff. i am a fan of purging..... clothes don't have a major shelf life with me. and dh is the type that just holds on. he filled 3 garbage bags with clothes he doesn't wear anymore! it was great.
today was a great day....
i'm so happy we had it.
because the next three days will probably be shitty.

next year....maybe we will go on a cruise, or hopefully a staycation (if i am preggers).... i just know it must be better than the last two anniversaries. (no more ivf in may for us, at this point we would be asking for another crappy anniversary)


  1. Im so sorry about all of this :( You guys can't catch a break. My husband and I kind of have this thing where we sarcastically say " Of course" everytime something doesnt work out. Which is PRETTY OFTEN. We almost have to laugh because it seems like, how could things get worse. Im sorry tuesday will be so sad, but Im glad you had a wonderful day today! :) Happy Anniversary to you both. Someday your anniversary will be filled with all kinds of baby love :) It will happen.

  2. I'm so sorry your anniversary is getting mucked up. No matter what is going on that day just remember it's about you two and the happiest day of your life - so far :)

    It did however sound like you had an AMAZING day today!!!! That sounds like a heck of a great eating day (and I love those)!!

  3. I'm so glad through all of this you had a terrific sounding day (I am jealous of all the amazing food you ate....yum!!) So sorry about your anniversary, our first IVF was on our 4 year anniversary..thought it was a sign. Hugs to you!

  4. I am here from Gurlee's house. I am so sorry about the u/s. It is brutal just brutal to make it so far and see it fail to deliver.

    I hope you can decide your next steps and get a little comfort from it.

  5. It sounds like you made the best out of the day, which is good. I recently did some cleaning out of closets and it felt amazing, kind of like a fresh start.

    Stay strong :-)

  6. I am so glad you had such a great day. Wow you guys do not have a good track record of anniversaries, that timing makes IF feel even worse.
    I am thinking of you!

  7. Ugh. So sorry about that your d&c coincides with your special day but it sounds like you made the best of your day and had an amazing meal. I am thinking about you and sending you love. If you need to vent further, feel free to email, I think you have it.

  8. Oh hon, I'm so very sorry about how things turned out this time. Such a painful disappointment after what you've already been through. I am glad that you two managed to salvage some good for your anniversary. No matter the sorrow that surrounds it, your time together is certianly worth celebrating.